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Sentinel Range

Wilchem Sentinel is a range of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) chelates and is the most compatible of our offering of liquid micronutrient product lines. Key areas where there is benefit in using this product line over amino acid chelates or liquid sulfates are in tank mixes with one of the following products or applications –

The Sentinel Range should not be used in tank mixes in the presence of free calcium or potassium.

EDTA forms sexadentate chelates – they form six bonds to the nutrient to form a “chelate ring”. As can be seen in the diagram below showing the octahedral structure of EDTA chelating a metal ion. The chelate ring is stronger than a single ionic bond and protects the nutrient and maintains it in solution. EDTA chelates protect the nutrient from interaction with other crop protection products making it the most compatible product on the market.

EDTA Chelate Diagram

The EDTA molecule (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is the strongest chelation agent currently available. The benefit of strong chelate bonds is that it makes this range of products the most compatible micronutrient products for tank mixing and for soil applications. This is very important for furrow injection in alkaline soils and tank mixes that contain soluble phosphates.

Bee pollinating a canola flower

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Wilchem Sentinel Zinc Label

Sentinel WG Zinc

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Sentinel Manganese

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