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Fertiliser application in the soil is only part of the plan. There is a need for improving crop yields at a reduced cost and a better understanding of the factors that contribute to the overall efficiency of applied fertilizers. It is estimated that under tropical condition, the efficiency of applied N is less than 50%, less than 10% for P and for K it is somewhere around 40%. Plant performance is dictated by its ability to take up that nutrition and turn it into yield.

Wilchem have introduced our Biotics range, a full life cycle program of beneficial fungi and bacteria that have been identified to improve nutrient cycling and plant uptake. This will lead to a functional soil, healthier crop, better disease resistance and ultimately, higher yield.

Each crop type has a Game Plan using an offensive and defensive team with a coach to help coordinate the system.

Recruit is a range of endophytic Trichoderma that, once established in the roots of the crop, begin to produce metabolites and switches on genes producing improvements in germination, growth and vigour. Trichoderma spp are known to act as the coach, communicating plant requirements to the soil biota in the Rhizosphere (and vice versa), ensuring maximum uptake of required nutrients to keep the plant at the top of its game.

Bioteam, MetaBoost and MetaBoost Plus are on the offense, enhancing nutrition uptake and the switching on of anti fungal, and anti-stress mechanisms in the plant to keep the plant in tip top shape and able to defend itself against a range of fungal and bacterial diseases.

Half BAC and Full BAC are composters, the defenders that rid the soil of diseased material, keeping the biome in balance and in the best condition for plant growth.

Many crops need a Nitrogen top-up during the season, MicroN BAC-UP can be used as a back up to Rhizobium in legume crops to help supply extra Nitrogen to the crop, especially in areas where nodulation has not taken as well as expected.

Preparation for the next crop often requires getting rid of the previous crop’s stubble. MicroN Stubble can be part of that solution as it acts as a compost stimulator, breaking down stubbles quicker than normally expected. An added bonus is that the bacterium in MicroN Stubble also fixes nitrogen and will help return the nutrition left in your stubble to the soil. Potassium being a key one.

Many microbial products are sensitive to the environment in a spray tank; pH, chemicals, high pressure jets etc provide a hostile environment for some. BiopHilm is a polymer based product created to provide protection for microbes until they are applied to the target, ensuring a better result.

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