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Liquid Humate 450

Active Ingredients g/L

Premium Soil Conditioner

Nutrients (by w/v): Liquid Humate 450 g/L

Wilchem’s liquid Humate 450 is an acid and alkaline soluble Humic Acid. It is based on modified potassium humate derived from lignite ore. Humate 450 provides superior solubility over the entire useful pH range and can be mixed with basic and acid liquid fertilisers. Wilchem’s liquid humate meets all the requirements of regenerative agriculture to improve plant health and soil function. “Humic Substances aren’t the only universal depot of carbon and energy but possess a big biological potential that makes them an analog of ATP for biosphere” Chuko, 2008


  • Can be mixed in fertiliser and ameliorants in both furrow injection and foliar applications
  • Compatible with phosphate fertiliser and NPK compounds
  • Significant yield improvements have observed in a range of crops
  • Mixes well with Macro Prima to improve soil amelioration in relation to pH and buffering capacity
  • Compatible with high salt and acidic fertilisers
  • Dissolves quickly and does not precipitate or gel
  • Does not plug filters and nozzles


  • Soils with very low organic matter
  • Soils with very high or low pH (Buffering capacity)
  • Soils with high salt content especially Sodium
  • Soils with high PBI or phosphate fixation


  • Improve moisture and aeration regime through improved soil structure
  • All humic fractions show resistance to microbial degradation providing long term benefits
  • Ability to form water soluble and water insoluble complexes with metal ions and hydrous oxides
  • Catalyse organic reactions
  • Improve the exchange capacity of soils
  • Interaction with clay minerals
  • Stimulate microbial growth
  • Improve nutrient absorption
  • Enhance Phosphorus uptake in soils with high PBI’s
  • Enhance Potassium release from interlayer positions in some clay minerals
  • Humic substances assist with nutrient availability in high pH soils
  • Increase abiotic stress tolerance
  • Increase root development
  • Improve seed germination


Compatible with a wide range of NPK fertilisers and micro nutrients. Always do a small jar test before preparing a full tank mix.


Liquid fertilisers can be corrosive to metals so flush equipment clean after use. Avoid inhaling fumes. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Protect product from frost and do not store for extended periods in direct sunlight.