X Ammonium Sulfate Caprolactum Ammonium Sulfate Liquid Bio Team BiopHilm Calibrate Copper Sulfate Full BAC Half BAC K27N Potassium Acetate Liquid Humate 450 Macro Prima Macro Prima Horticulture Manganese Sulfate MC 145:10 Blend Meta Boost Meta Boost Plus MicroN BAC UP MicroN Stubble Prima Trace Recruit Canola WP Recruit Cereals WP Recruit Hort WP Sentinel WG Copper Sentinel WG Manganese Sentinel WG MC Sentinel WG Zinc Sentinel WG ZMC Signature Boron Signature Calcium Signature Copper Signature Iron Signature Magnesium Signature Manganese Signature MC Signature Molybdenum Signature Potassium Signature Zinc Signature ZM Signature ZMC 341 Signature ZMC 431 Signature ZMZ 242 Tracker Mag Zinc Sulfate ZM 68:68 Blend ZMC 100:40:10 Blend ZMC 40:100:10 Blend


Active Ingredients g/L



  • Create a protective film for living microbes in antagonistic tank mixes.
  • A protecting agent where microbes are applied on stubble and the lifespan needs to be prolonged to allow establishment inside the stubble.
  • Great product to protect living microbes in antagonistic soil conditions


BiopHilm can be used to increase the vitality of microbes by:

  • Protecting microbes against desiccation in low moisture conditions
  • Protecting microbes against osmotic stress
  • Protecting microbes against chemical damage

Compatibility with Agricultural Chemicals:

  • Compatible with most fungicides, insecticides and liquid nutrition.
  • Premix BiopHilm with microbes and water before adding to tank.
  • Please consult with your adviser before applying in any complex tank mixes

Directions for Use:

  • Add biology to water
  • Always use 0.5% BiopHilm in the total tank mix is applied. E.g if the tank size is 3000L then use 15L BiopHilm (add BiopHilm to the microbe and water mix)
  • BiopHilm is a gel like substance, ensure that it is well-dissolved before it is added to the tank mix

Mixing order:

  • Add BiopHilm microbe mixture with water containing products, add rest of the tank mix in correct industry order

Other Details:

Laboratory tests results have shown that BiopHilm will protect vulnerable microbes in tank mixes at the suggested rates in tank mixes with chemicals and other nutritional products.


Contents may settle. Shake well before use. Keep in a cool (4°C to 24°C) place, Do not allow to freeze, Store out of direct sunlight and Do not use product
after expiry date.

Contact your local Wilchem representative for more information